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Canada’s largest foodservice trade event returns to the live stage

After over a year of COVID-19 hardships placed on the foodservice and hospitality sectors, the end is finally in sight. As the voice of the industry and host of Canada’s largest foodservice and hospitality trade event, Restaurants Canada has officially announced RC Show 2022 will return with a dynamic, in-person and virtual broadcast, three-day event held at the Enercare Centre from February 27 – March 1.

Eighty-six per cent of Canadians don’t want

province-wide shutdowns of indoor dining when COVID-19 cases increase in their communities, according to a new Restaurants Canada survey.
A majority of Canadians trust restaurants are doing a good job keeping them safe and do not want province-wide shutdowns of indoor dining, according to a new Restaurants Canada survey. “Canadians have told us loud and clear ” …

Rapid Recovery Digital Marketplace

As restaurants across Canada unlock their doors and welcome guests onto patios and even for dine-in services in some cities, the foodservice industry is remaining what the landscape looks like, and adapting to new procedures and regulations.
Having the proper support and …

Is dine-in dead?

Well, if that headline doesn’t startle you in this industry, I am not sure what will.
Most restaurants throughout Canada and abroad are hoping they can survive to the day where they can reopen their dining rooms. However, …

Ontario and Quebec move to reopen restaurants, but Toronto and Montreal will have to wait

The reopening of Canada’s economy took another leap forward on Monday as the two biggest provinces, Ontario and Quebec, announced they’ll soon allow restaurants to serve dine-in customers again, albeit under different sets of rules.
However, the country’s two biggest cities, Toronto and Montreal, will still have to wait a little longer as health authorities try to get their COVID-19 case counts down.

Restaurants Canada COVID-19 Reopening Best Practices

In the restaurant industry, the health and safety of everyone we serve are always mission critical. This is just as true now as it was before the emergence of COVID-19.
Informed by lessons learned from those operating during the pandemic so far, this document provides best practices that your operation can implement to comply with requirements from government in the following areas:
• Physical Distancing
• Cleaning and Sanitation
• Health and Personal Hygiene

Prepare to Reopen: Physical Distancing for your Business

Most food businesses will need to enforce physical distancing in order to protect customers and employees. In most Canadian provinces and territories, physical distancing is here to stay — at least for the near future. Human-to-human contact is the primary source of transmission for the coronavirus and preventing…

Chefs Launch Canadian Hospitality Worker Relief Fund

TORONTO — Canadian chefs Vikram Vij, Victor Barry and Dan Geltner have created the Canadian Hospitality Worker Relief Fund (CHWRF) to support restaurant and hospitality workers financially impacted by COVID-19.
The fund, which will start accepting applications on May 6, will provide one-time $500 grants to…

Why Food Safety Training is Important

The consequences of a food safety incident can be serious. Find out why food safety training is the answer. Some food businesses still regard food safety as simply an extension of common sense, which is reflected in their food safety training policies (or lack thereof).
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